About us


Our high quality automotive leather seat covers are made individually for every car in different colors. You can’t compare them to seat covers from car manufacturers or other seat covers offered anywhere.
We make every set individually for your car.

Our covers make your car look better and unique.
Even if the first owner of the car forgot to order leather seats we offer you a great alternative for low money to make your car looking good.
If your seats are not in good shape any more, which happens after some years this is the solution!

The covers are easy to clean and resistant because we use artificial leather from car industry only.
Another good effect is that you can sell your car for more money which will give you the money back you invested in new seat covers.

Our covers

- fit perfectly and are made of high quality materials only

- are not too hot in summer nor too cold in winter

- are made individually for your car so they fit great which won’t make the covers move around on your seat

- work great because we make a single cover for every part of your seat

Over the years the foam under your original seat covers loose shape.
As our covers sit very tight they will give you back the comfort you are used to.

You can also put in seat heating between our covers and the original covers.