Car seat covers protectors Volvo XC60 black-red NO17 complete

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Our seat covers offer a lot of benefits.
Because of the orthopedic function of the front seat backrests, not only your seats, also your back is prevented from damage.
No more pain in the back when driving long distances!

If you decide to get covers with lumbar support, the lumbar support will help you to sit in a decent position and your spinal disc will be rested. In addition to that our sporty designed seat covers increase the design of your interior and the value of your car. The resale value of your car will be increased, too because your original seat is protected and the status quo will not change.

This will make sure that your investment was valuable and relativized itself at the same time!


  • fits into cars with removable and non-removable headrests
  • fits into cars with side airbags
  • fits into cars with concealed headrests at the rear seats
  • fits into cars with splitted and solid rear seats
  • fits into cars with heated seats


  • highest quality
  • washable at 30°C delicates washing programme
  • made of flame-retardant and non-fading material
  • material: sides are made of original car seat fabrics with leatherette elements, the centres are made of highest quality Jacquard with pu leather elements car seat fabrics with foam lamination
  • suitable for side airbags
  • back rest cover and seating area cover have got zippers in case of asymmetrical rear seats


  • 2 front seating area covers
  • 2 front back rest covers
  • 1 two-piece rear seat cover for the back rest and 1 separate cover for the seating area of the rear seats
  • 2 headrest covers for the front
  • 4 headrest covers for the back one of them in L-shape
  • mounting hooks
  • installation instructions with the delivery confirmation by email

The seat covers do not fit into cars with sport seats.

Please note:

These are universal seat covers, which can vary depending on the vehicle and seat type in the fit. You should always follow the mounting instructions to make sure that the covers fit properly. Depending on your vehicle, fitting the covers may take up to 2 hours, holes, where needed, have to be sliced. This is an after market product, it isn't made by the original car manufacturer nor is it an authorized product by the original car manufacturer.

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