Golf mk3 cabriolet artificial leather seat covers in black, black/beige, black/grey and beige

Product no.: Golf3cabrio

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We offer you 100% fitting leather seat covers.
In order to fit them you have to take out the front and rear seats of your car.
After our covers are fitted you'll have a unique leather look in your car.

Don't compare our seat covers to any other covers on the market.
Our seat covers are produced by ourselves with high quality standards.
All our seat covers are laminated with PU foam for highest comfort and durability.

You have to take out and split all your seats to fit our covers. Please note that the old covers of your rear seats and headrests have to be removed. The old front seat covers will stay on! The seat covers only fit on the front seats WITHOUT side airbags!

All our covers can be washed with simple warm water.
They are usable with heated seats and UV resistant.

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